Sunday, August 23, 2009

David Lifferth's take on Eagle Mountain politics

Last night I attended the Common Sense Rally in Provo,UT with David Lifferth. I arranged for us to carpool since we hadn't yet had an opportunity to get to know each other. During the drive to Provo and back, I asked David questions ranging from Eagle Mountain's past to current failures and future needs. He was very quick to point out that today in Eagle Mountain is great and much better than ever before because the residents aren't embarrassed to live here and no elected officials are facing criminal charges. That is outrageous! Our current councilmen feels that things are great just because they aren't being charged with criminal acts. Where are the proactive accomplishments? Obviously, throughout the campaign we are going to hear much about promises of things coming and "in the works." But let's face it, what else are incumbents going to say??? There is a vast difference between nothing going wrong and great things being accomplished and that is what we need. We need leadership that recognizes that difference and has the vision, skills and energize to invest in the city. That has been and is noticeably absent Eagle Mountain.
David's advice to all concerned and capable residents is that they should keep the status quo in Eagle Mountain, and not rock the boat. He would like us to keep his "team" together. Rather than help talented residents achieve positions that allow them to accomplish the most good, David thinks that everyone has to "prove" themselves. His thought is followed with a sentiment that most people are incapable and dishonest, thus don't believe or trust until they "prove" it. That's a great message to keep the same distasteful and unaccomplished leadership in office that has helped Eagle Mountain achieve its notorious bad image. We, the residents of Eagle Mountain, will not tolerate more of the same. We look forward to better days and a brighter future. Vote John Painter for Eagle Mountain City Council.


  1. So let me get this straight, David Lifferth is kind enough to carpool and spend time speaking with John about the current state of Eagle Mountain and all he can do is complain about what an outrageous job he is doing. I'm not even a fan of the current city council/mayor and was sent to this site by someone on John's campaign to see what he believes in after being solicited for campaign contributions. Since I am looking to vote somebody new into office and am willing to support them financially, I was hoping for something substantive. I came away with the impression that his platform is the anti-David Lifferth platform. Tell us your governing philosophies, don't just complain about the current leaders in the city. Anybody can do that...that isn't leadership.

    Give me a freedom-loving libertarian that doesn't want to spend my money on things like recreation centers, golf courses and public transportation and you'll have my vote and my financial support.

  2. Very interesting insights on David Lifferth.

  3. Thanks for sharing your insights regarding my blog & what I can do to better represent my candidacy.

  4. A few comments from David Lifferth's blog about himself:

    "I am pleased that I have been the most honest and open elected official in the city."

    "My blogs are legendary for being the only source of important information."

    "I am still working on my list of accomlishments as an elected official over the past 5+ years. Each time I sit down to work on that blog, it grows by another page as I remember other things I have done."

    That's just from 1 post!

    David sure thinks a lot of himself. I'm not sure I've ever run across a more self aggrandizing person in the public arena....