Monday, September 28, 2009

Who works with the Parks & Recreation Board?

I believe strongly that once elected, civic officials accept a level of commitment and responsibility to their constituents. There are many ways for this commitment to be demonstrated, one of which is meeting participation on assigned boards. Each city council member is assigned the role as liaison to a specific board. One of the most active boards during the last several months was the Parks & Recreation Board. They have been the driving force behind our numerous city parks and green space improvements. They were also tasked with the work associated with the recently failed city recreation center proposal, from public opinion surveys to project design. Their work is significant and appreciated. As City council liaison, Nathan Ochsenhirt's participation and meeting attendance to the Parks & Recreation Board has been very poor . I wonder if this absence and lack of city involvement with the Parks & Recreation board played any role in the rejected proposal for a recreation center? Eagle Mountain needs better involvement and participation from us. I will attend the meetings assigned to me because that is the commitment I have for the position I am asking to be elected for.