Friday, October 2, 2009

Crossroads Journal Article - 10/01/09

A desire to have "more than just a voice" in the community led John Painter to decide to run for city council. Painter has lived here for three years and is ready to be more involved. "I am running for city council because I believe strongly in being more than just a voice, but to contribute and serve in a capacity that allows me to become intricately involved in the growth, development and maturity of the city I live in and plan to raise my children in," said Painter. Painter draws on his experience as both a supervisor at work as well as a former board member of an HOA in Provo. He has felt the support of many individuals around him in his decision to run for office. "The decision to run for city council is one that my wife and family are very supportive of. I believe that it speaks highly of an individual when those who know him best are his biggest supporters, and not just close family but friends, neighbors and colleagues," Painter acknowledges.

If elected to the city council Painter would like to focus on economic development as well as improved transportation. "I am working with the World Trade Center Utah and the governor’s office of economic development, GOED, to create a map for Eagle Mountain to design and develop a location that is extremely attractive for business expansion and relocation," he explains. Painter believes Eagle Mountain has economic potential. "Eagle Mountain is capable of being strategically developed to be a major hub for central Utah trade commerce; from service centers to manufacturing and production. I also want to create more visibility to the 300+ local businesses in Eagle Mountain. Advertising is critical for these small businesses," Painter expounds.

Painter would like to see some changes in the city including the preexisting city owned utilities. "I don’t believe that city owned utilities is a positive for Eagle Mountain. In general, governments have a very difficult time running businesses more effectively or more profitable than private firms. The city has been very vocal recently about not being in the golf course business, and I add that we should not be in the utility business," said Painter. He says that the discussions and subsequent contract with the Central Utah Water Conservancy regarding Eagle Mountain water supply is critical to sustainability and future growth. Painter would like open communication with residents and city council members. "Residents need to become more involved and have greater confidence in their elected officials. And elected officials need to become more involved with the residents to earn that confidence and respect," he said.

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