Thursday, October 29, 2009

How'd I get that money?

A very busy 48 hours has passed. I have received emails and phone calls. I wasn't aware of how critically the financial contributions would be analyzed. Perhaps somewhat due to being relatively unaware of the impact of certain contributors on the city in the past and somewhat due to continually looking for the best in others. I want to share some thoughts regarding this topic.

I've lived in Eagle Mountain for over 3 years. I've heard stories of our cities past and read the embarrassing news articles written by local media. Hoping and wanting to be a part of transitioning Eagle Mountain beyond "those days" is part of the reason I am running for city council. I am not naive or stupid regarding certain individuals and the impact they've had on the city, although I am certain I have heard some embellishments as well as I am certain I haven't heard all the truths. I had no one ask me to run for council nor have I counseled with or received recommendations from anyone who financially contributed to my campaign, except of course my father and wife.

When I began my contribution seeking, I went to the city recorder and submitted a GRAMA request to pull the last 2 elections financial disclosures. I wrote down the names of those who had contributed significantly, >$200 and it was my intention to contact them on my behalf. It was through this process that I contacted my contributors, as well as many others who weren't in a financial position to contribute to this election as they had in the past. In addition I solicited funds from my dentist, my insurance agent, my family, my in-laws, my friends and neighbors. If there are questions about any relationships I have with any developers in Eagle Mountain I will answer them. Basically, I went to them because they had contributed in the past.

I have tried to run an honest and truthful campaign. I believe the city, the candidates and I have all benefited from focusing and discussing on the issues of Eagle Mountain. I will not be a puppet nor will I be pressured into doing things bad for the city or against my personal belief. I truly believe that Eagle Mountain has a great future full of opportunity. I want to be a part of transitioning into that future. I have prepared myself academically and professionally to contribute on many levels and look forward to the being able to represent the residents of Eagle Mountain.

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