Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Utah Lake Crossing Project

Tonight at the city council meeting, I made a statement of support for the Utah Lake Crossing Project. This is a proposal from a private group of investors and developers, Utah Crossing Inc., to build, own and maintain a toll bridge across Utah Lake. The bridge would span 6 miles from Vineyard Lake Rd in Orem (near Geneva Steel) on the east to Pelican Bay in Saratoga Springs on the west. This is an excellent example of private industry stepping up to provide a more timely and profitable solution that what is likely capable from UDOT. In the recent crossroads journal interview I stated, “In general, governments have a very difficult time running businesses more effectively or more profitable than private firms.” Consistent with that philosophy, I made the following statement at the city council meeting tonight.
“ Increased transportation is consistent with and will enhance our opportunities of economic development in Eagle Mountain. We are seeing some successes with our transportation and will need to realize continued projects to meet our current and projected needs. I have read about the Utah Lake Project online, I have listened to their presentation earlier, and I believe that a privately funded bridge would be an asset to both residents and businesses. To the extent that the project is consistent with the landscape of the area and creates minimal environmental impact, I state my support for the Utah Lake Crossing Project. As a candidate for city council, I believe it’s important that the residents understand where both the current and potentially future council members stand on this issue.”
More information regarding this project can be found at

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