Saturday, October 24, 2009

Meet the Candidate Debate

On Wednesday night we participated in the Meet the Candidate Debate hosted by Hidden Hollow PTA. In anticipation of a 2 vs. 1 type of debate, (the incumbents are campaigning together) I spent several hours documenting voting records, motions made and meetings missed that demonstrated a lack of vision, lack of consistency or lack of resident input. I felt very prepared walking into a debate in which the subject matter nor questions were given in advance. In turns out the questions prompted a very civil debate that focused more on future needs and individual character. With only 1 1/2 minutes to respond it only makes sense to highlight yourself rather than attack your opponents, thus a very civil and professional debate.

After brief 2 minute introductions, the questions were 1) As part of Economic Development, what types of businesses do we need in Eagle Mountain and what needs to be done to bring them? 2) There are extensive transportation plans, beside those already planned or being worked on, what are Eagle Mountain's biggest transportation needs? and 3) In light of Eagle Mountain's rocky political past, what are you doing to gain public trust?

Attached is link to the city's website for the audio file with the entire debate, also some news articles reporting on it. The sitting order was Heather Jackson, Regan Bolli, Dave Lifferth, John Painter and Nate Ochsenhirt. The first to answer was random but then the responses follow that order.

Eagle Mountain Debate

I will discuss each of these in further detail later this weekend in another blog.


  1. Handsome photo John. Did you barrow it from my site? ;)

  2. I did. The pictures from our camera weren't as flattering!

  3. I also see that everyone but you contributed to a charity.

  4. That's wrong. I contributed to the Lucas Tyler Nelson foundation at Zions Bank. This is recorded on my expenditure sheet.