Wednesday, October 28, 2009

My Campaign Financial Disclosure

On Tuesday, Oct 27th all candidates were legally required to disclose all campaign contributions and expenditures. In order to be forthright and transparent let me be clear about who has contributed to my campaign and what that contribution may mean. Because I am not running for Mayor I won't be discussing their contributions.

I received $500 from Eagle Mountain Properties. To put this into perspective, Nate Ochsenhirt received $1250 Eagle Mountain Development in his 2007 campaign and Dave Lifferth received $1000 from Bigg Homes in his 2005 campaign. Although I received significantly less, I guess we all received contributions from major Eagle Mountain Developer.

DAI currently has an annexation proposal before the council. A proposal that has already incurred significant cost for the developer and would significantly increase the value of their land. I approached DAI and asked for contributions and received $500. Again, to put that in perspective, Ochsenhirt and Lifferth both received $1000.

Unlike the other candidates, nobody contributed more to my campaign than I did, both in time and money. I believe in government officials who are committed to doing the right thing, those things that need and should happen and have the best interest of the city in mind. Unlike the other candidates I have received contributions from businesses, family and friends both in and out of Eagle Mountain. Dave Lifferth's entire campaign is being funded by developers, Dave contributed "zero, zip, zilch, nada" to his own campaign. Nate Ochsenhirt only contributed $78.74 to his campaign.

Attached is a link to the city website where all candidate's disclosure forms are available.

Campaign Financial Disclosures

In addition I have included those who contributed to my campaign and what relationship I have with them.


  1. I also see that every one but you contributed to a charity.

  2. That's wrong. I contributed to the Lucas Tyler Nelson foundation at Zion's Bank. This is recorded on line 33 of my expenditure sheet.

  3. I believe that giving away other people's money is different than giving away your own. As far as I can tell, Mr. Painter has given more of his money to both his campaign and charity, than either other candidates. I am not impressed that both Mr. Ochsenhirt and Mr. Lifferth are attempting to gain political favoritism while all they have done is taken money from developers and given to charities. Especially in light of the fact that when Mr. Lifferth gave money to charity he made sure to get print space with the local media, however neither Mr. Ochsenhirt or Mr. Painter attempted those shameless measures.